It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is the second time in 17 years that we’ve been in Arizona that snow was in our back yard.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

40 comments on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. cacti with snow… is that a picture for National Geographics? YES!

  2. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Literally. Heard there was snow in Malibu and Pasadena but hadn’t heard it made it to your area. Stay warm.

  3. I’ve heard from several blogging buddies that live in Arizona that are talking about the snow. It’s supposed to snow in Los Angeles. I don’t even want to see the freeways with snow.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  4. We had a touch of snow, too! But your pool side cactus looks like it’s giving the finger to the weather.

  5. Actually it is giving ME the finger.

  6. WOW….now that’s worth squaaaaawking about!

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. Oh gosh that is amazing,stay warm….unless you want to snuggle up to me to stay warm?Its very spring like here at the moment,xx Speedy

  8. So you’re the one who stole our weather.

  9. I had heard on the news this morning there was snow out your way, it looks extra funny next to the pool with water in it! Keep warm!

    • Pretty soon we can use the pool to apply for a franchise in the National Hockey League. We’ll call the team the New River Parrots and our cheer will be (wait for it)


  10. That is just God’s dandruff! Our President says there is no such thing as climate change.
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Snow, Shmow…..we have 9 inches on the ground with more coming tomorrow. Wish we were in AZ!!!!

  12. You have snow in Arizona??? We just have rain and rain and more rain here in Arkansas.

  13. I saw this on the teevees and I was SO JEALOUS!!!! The only snow we got was on our mountain peaks. sigh. and the only storms from now on, seem to be comin’ from the south (aka: warm storms). yuck.
    Can I come overs and play in it???
    Ruby ♥

  14. WOW! Spectacular. Keep warm….

  15. Hopefully we will never have snow in Florida.

  16. And I has STILL never seen snow.

  17. I keep wanting snow, but all it’s done is rain. And rain, and rain, and…

  18. My peep has seen it snow on August 1-in California!

  19. Thanks for the share. This is pretty cool to see. We have been pretty ok this season with snow. Just an inch or two here and there. Bring on the spring weather. Have a great rest of your week.

  20. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas nice blogs. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Keep up it.

  21. Come here friends!! We’ll show you more snow. hehehe….

    Oh, Kismet. you and our 10 year human bro have something in common. Love for sun flower seeds! 🙂

    Pinot and mom

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