What a gift!

The dogs were given a great gift. A friend of my peeps made a throw blanket with her own paws and gave it to the dogs.


Here is the reverse side.Many thanks to Joyce who did this, Kali loves it!

Kaci is unsure-she won’t go near it. Too many black dogs. Hey, Kaci, there are wheaten Scotties on it also.

In case you’re wondering, Joyce doesn’t do this for a living and that’s why it is even more special. Joyce doesn’t follow this blog (yet) but I’m going to tell her.  If you comment, please say where you’re from  (state, province, country)-she’d be surprised.


Thank you Joyce for a wonderful Christmas gift.


About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

41 comments on “What a gift!

  1. Wow! What a talented and generous friend! That’s a quilt that I’d be happy to snuggle in — my pups, too! Karel – Denver, CO

  2. That is the best present ever,lets hope Kaci comes round to the idea of it….xx Speedy from Devon in the UK!

  3. How wonderful, such a beautiful quilt! Maybe after it has lots of Kali sniffs on it, then maybe Kaci would get on it too.
    Pipo, Dalton, Benji & Ingrid
    Battle Creek, MI
    (Formerly: Brampton Ontario, Canada)

  4. That is really special¡ Frankie and Ernie. From Pencil Vane ia

  5. Anything that’s made by hand for someone is a most special gift – this is a beautiful throw – pretty colors, GREAT design…..purrrfect!! My Aunt Carol is a quilter and she would say the same thing as me – keep on sewing Miss Joyce! My Mom, Dad and I live in Warrenton, Virginia.

    Hugs, Teddy the Cat

  6. That is something really special to make it with her own hands. Being a Scot I love all things Scotty. Nati City that Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. That is a FABULOUS gift!! Too bad there is no Indian Ringneck parrot material at the fabric store, though. You are so lucky to have such a talented and generous friend! We are from Omaha, Nebraska.

  8. What a truly beautiful gift. The gift of time and effort cannot be bought. So special.

  9. Super special … aren’t you the lucky dogs! Really pretty blankie,
    From Rockville, Maryland

  10. there is nothing more special than a hand made gift and that blanket is gorgeous! Joyce is super talented! We are in Farmington Hills, Michigan

  11. That’s a fabulous gift! Dogs would not be allowed on that in this house….believe us! Love from Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia!

  12. That is a mighty fine throw blanket and it will be very welcome during the frigid Arizona winters when the heavy snows fall and you are fighting through blizzards and deep drifts across the desert. I was going to say it would be nice to sit under and watch the Cardinals or Patriots but…ha, ha, ha, ha.

  13. You are so lucky to get a handmade quilt as a gift. It rakes a lot of work. Enjoy it.

  14. Oh, that is FABulous!!!!! I would loves to snuggle in that quilt! (it is washable, rights???? heheheheee)
    Oh, San Jose, California here! wet SJ, CA….very wet…..mildew-y.
    Ruby ♥

  15. ooooh that is a super beautiful scottie quilt!!! brittany france, da phenny and da nelly

  16. What a PAWSOME gift! Greetings to your talented and generous friend from The Knucklehead, Sam and his Ninja sister, Elsa in Denver, CO. 🎅🏻

  17. A beautiful, thoughtful gift. Kathy from Bakersfield, CA

  18. Hello Joyce!! These are pawsome! We’re from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

    Pinot & Angel Momo

  19. Let’s forget the baggage of the past and make new baggage in 2020. Happy New Year Kismet!
    Sugar Billy

  20. This looks like the owl I have in my backyard. Maybe a tad bit browner though! Have a great week!

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