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April Fool!

I got all of you. I jumped the gun. March was my invention to suck you all in. March and the Corona baloney was MY doing Gotcha. After today you can resume your usual behavio(u)r.. Gotcha. Best April Fool’s I ever pulled.

Help, I’m going nuts.

  Kaci, I’m going nuts. We’re stuck in this house and the parrot won’t shut up. She keeps repeating everything. Can’t she say something new? Doesn’t she ever have something original to say?

Social Distancing

Usually we birds build our nests high up so nobody bothers us. But this dove decided to build it in our driveway and on a car. I flew over to see what was happening. She said “not so close, I’m social distancing, please stay six feet or two meters away”. I agreed so I asked […]

Kali Logic

Kali¬† says that everyone should just relax. Just as the chain of stores “Toys R Us” failed, the current crisis, “Vi R Us” will also fail. Just chill. Relax, don’t Ex-Lax.


This blog is closed until tomorrow because of Coronavirus.¬† It’s open again when Kali and Kaci wake up.