Help, I’m going nuts.


Kaci, I’m going nuts. We’re stuck in this house and the parrot won’t shut up. She keeps repeating everything. Can’t she say something new? Doesn’t she ever have something original to say?

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I'm a rescue Scottish Terrier mix in New River, Arizona

26 comments on “Help, I’m going nuts.

  1. Give her a cracker…maybe then she’ll be quiet.

  2. Tell Kismet to concentrate on “Laying and egg”.
    Sugar Billy

  3. Mating season is here for our cockatoo and Kismet May be experiencing similar frustrations….

    • It is worse than that, my eggs never hatch because I don’t have a male.

      • How sad. Our cockatoo keeps making goo-goo eyes at our Amazon, but she will have none of that! He has to be satisfied with flocking only. Luckily, no eggs. The Amazon is a former breeder before going to the rescue where I got her. She hated males when she arrived, so friendship looks pretty miraculous.

  4. Kaci…just take Kismet over to the refrigerator. Open the freezer door and point to the frozen chicken. She’ll get the, uh, hint.

  5. You two are so cute. Kismit has lots to say and I love that wonderful sense of humor. Stay well. My best to your mom. ♥

  6. Here, birdie, birdie. Xena and Lucy

  7. Uh oh…a bit of cabin fever happening there??

  8. WE FEEL YOUR PAIN. It is just as boring here, but it always is boring.

  9. parrots are very wise and so they repeat their wisdom… and we should listen, they know it best ;O)

  10. Why don’t you gurls just out-bark her?? Surely your barks would drown out one little Parrot! That’s what I do when Ma starts talking….bark til she stops…heheheee
    Ruby ♥

  11. I know what else you can do, Kismet!! You open your own Instagram or facebook instead of Squeeeeeeeeeeking!!!:D


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