Happy Birthday, Kyla

You would have turned 18 today if the big “C” didn’t get to you almost 6 years ago.  You are still the only non-peep  to know everyone that ever lived in this house. You are the biggest foodie ever and this picture has you wearing your Food Critics award. We hope that you’ve left enough food for the other residents of the bridge. We all miss you big time.  Yes, there is another time besides  dinner time.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

29 comments on “Happy Birthday, Kyla

  1. Kyla, thanks for willing your personality to me.

  2. Kyle and all the rest that we have lost Bless their little pea pickin’ hearts.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. Say whaaaaat -! There shouldn’t be any other time than that. Kyla, sweetie you were the best and are sorely missed – still loved.

  4. Happy Angelic Birthday Kyla…….I know you miss this household of folks as much as they miss you…..

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Kyla was one of the first Scotties that we started to follow. We are missing one of our “S’s” and you are missing one of your “K’s”. Here is to a happy and long life for the rest of us and happy memories of Kyla.

  6. Wish I woulda known you, but then at my age, I’ll see you soon. If’n I go up instead of down that is. Happy 18, say “hi” to all the other furry friends who pass by … the Zoolatry Human.
    BTW, Squaaawk, K

  7. There’s always plenty of noshing going on across the bridge. Happy 18th birthday, Kyla. I think you may now be eligible to have a beer with your birthday cake. 🎂

  8. I’m sure there is plenty of food at the bridge. There would have to be. I’m sure you’re in charge to make sure everyone has enough food.

    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Kyla,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a great day and week, Kismet. I love you. ♥

  9. Oh gurl, we miss you so much! Butts, it will comfort you to knows that Kismet has picked up right were you left off, and I thinks channels you from the Bridge sometimes! BOL! Happy Happy Happy Burthday Angel Kyla!
    Ruby ♥

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to you, Kyla, you were much loved,and still are and forever will be:)

    We are sorry to say, we didn’t ever get to know you…our loss…but we see you here now and then as you drop in from your heavenly realms to say hello:)

  11. Happy, Happy, belated Birthday to a very special girl! If I’ve learned anything, and sometimes I haven’t, it’s that no matter how much time passes, or where you are, **they** are too and always will be. I’m sure there was a celebration for Kyla at the bridge, just like there was here too!

    (Kim – Life at Golden Pines)

  12. Belated greetings! Miss ya Kyla.

  13. Love you Kyla. And your whole family. Six years is a long time. But it seems like yesterday you and Stuart carried on over the Internet. Glad you’re together now. It’s so very hard for those left behind.

    • Those were good times. It would be great to have them now because the present mess isn’t the fault of Winston, Kaci, or Kali. So, as with most things, they’ll blame it on the bird.

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