Truth in Advertising

Remember this series of commercials?

It wasn’t lying. They didn’t call it the quickest picker upper. That title goes to Kaci and Kali. Most of the time you don’t have to do anything with the quickest picker upper puppers around. Many times the food didn’t reach the floor.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

29 comments on “Truth in Advertising

  1. same here, da nelly can catch efurrything, even da fingers of the mama, although they were still attached…

  2. We have the cleanest floors in town!

  3. Bawhehe you fooled me. I thought you were going to say it isn’t quick enough in grabbing piddle.
    Sugar Billy

  4. Xena: So true. I’m the fastest here on what hits the floor. Lucy doesn’t stand a chance.
    Lucy: That’s cause you’re shorter than me and your mouth is closer to the floor. But I could be a major league catcher. I often snap it up before it ever gets near the floor. I can catch from a room away. I can…
    Xena: We get it, Lu, we get it. (Actually, YOU get it.)

  5. BOL. That’s me….. I’m da quicker picker upper in my kitchen.

  6. I wish Bounty would make it to the Spanish supermakets, you have no idea how crappy the towel paper is here.
    But at least Doggy helps with something.

  7. If there are sunflower seeds involved they won’t hit the floor if Kismet is around.

    Have a fabulous day Kismet. I love you. ♥

    • \
      The air force is ready. I am disappointed that they haven’t had the Space Force yet. Then they could have something like West Point. I wanted to be a Space Cadet.

  8. It’s always good having the ‘real’ backup quicker-picker up! Happy weekend. I’m guessing if there are any errant sunflower seeds, you swoop in and take care of those before the dogs.

  9. Scotties are like little dog vacuum cleaners. They eat the same way. Shelby is finished before I get to sit down with my food.

  10. I saw some commercials about Dyson and Hoover and Eureka and even they couldn’t vacuum stuff off the floor as fast as a hungry doggo.

  11. I try and gets it before Ma can, butts that women is FAST when she wants to be! though, if it’s chicken, all bets are off! BOL!!!! (I said CHICKEN, not purty blue burdies…😉)
    Ruby ♥

  12. Totally agree – We don’t even need the 5 second rule, because we have 3 second dogs!! 🤣

  13. I, Dalton am the fastest picker upper ever!! I dart! And its gone.
    Benji is always a slowpoke…Hahah! My food bowl is empty before ou can say boo, and he takes forever to finish…if he even does o:)

    At least they leave most of the sunflower seeds that fall off the birdies’ feeder for the scavenger birdies…most of the time!

  14. Ohhh Bounty! Mom once spilt a full glass of wine on her MacBook and she was going to have major heart attack thinking $$$$$…. but she put a piece of Bounty and her MacBook survived! Paws up!

    Pinot xo

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