Look, Kismet. New Sunflower seeds!!!

LOOK, Kismet! We have some new fangled sunflower seeds with a new flavor.  Try some. OK, Kaci-I will. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK??!!!!!  I’m dying. I have to down an ocean of water. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK   It worked-good idea, Kali   The new secret ingredient has habenero peppers listed as its main ingredient and the bottle says “Pain Is Good”. […]

We Lost a Family Member Yesterday

  Bandit’s peeps and Kali, Kismet, and my peeps are family. Bandit went to the bridge yesterday. I’m writing this post because I met Bandit but Kismet and Kali did not. Bandit was born May 20, 2001 and was a very cute doxie puppy I got to meet Bandit when Kyla and I accompanied the […]


The peeps got my attention. “Kaci, let’s play Pokémon”! Play? Did someone mention play? I’m into that and it got my attention. We hop in the Scottiemobile and head out. We stop and enter through a door. Uh Oh! This looks suspiciously like the vet’s office. Up on a table-Oh nooooooo Then I realized that […]

Commercial free TV

Since it’s about 110F 42C here, wildlife comes and camps out on our relatively cool porch. Kali and I get entertained by this “doggie TV” and there are NO commercials. How do you get this? Easy, just make certain that you have an old fashioned “rabbit ears” antenna. Reception may be fuzzy sometimes but you […]

Don’t read this if you have a bad heart

Kismet doesn’t care, but Kali and I do. We don’t have tree rats but we do have “ground squirrels”. You can’t have tree rats without big trees but we have plenty of ground for these to use. We try to scare them away through the window, but the peeps won’t let us at them. The […]

Those Cheating Peeps.

Yesterday, the peeps left the three of us alone while They went out to dinner at a friend’s house. When They returned home (get this, without a doggie bag, what’s with that?), They had all kinds of strange smells on Them. It took Kali and me all night to decipher what happened. This must have […]

I’m abused

I’ve been abused and that burd won’t listen to my complaining so I’m going to have to go public. I was just sitting around, being myself, when the peeps put me in the car and took me to the dogtor. It was horrible, first a shot and then when I woke up, my mouth was […]

The Demolition Princess

Kali has been getting into the spirit of things The peeps arrange the run Then Kali goes out the dog door and sits there innocently if she’s being watched. The peeps go away and 15 minutes later the demolition princess has done her thing Kali, I have a better idea. That burd is driving me […]

Let us at them

Kali and I have a beef with the peeps. We don’t have tree squirrels here (no trees=no tree squirrels). We do have ground squirrels. Not only that, they’re living ten feet away from our front door. They’ve moved in-these are the holes to their city underground Yes, they show up when they feel like it […]

Another Bark in the Park without Us

Saturday was “bark in the park” at the local ball yard. The spot allocated to us dogs were sold out. I don’t think that’s the reason we couldn’t go AGAIN-He just uses that as an excuse. Look at these happy Goldens Do you think Kali and I were that happy at home? This year was […]