Kali must have been the model

Remember, there’s the June 10 deadline to enter the egg naming contest. While the entries come in, I’m going to show you about last night. First, this post and tomorrow a report on “bark at the park” at the local baseball game. They gave away a bobblehead of Tony LaRussa last night. Tony is a […]

Terrier bird

You won’t believe it. It’s been a while since Kismet laid her 2 eggs. We gave the rules for the contest and everyone was happy. That mean bird tried to muck things up. Look at this: Yes, under the cover of darkness she tried to mess up the contest by laying another egg. It’s that […]

Eggciting contest!

Kismet is so concerned about finding a man that she has neglected to name her eggs! Therefore, all of you will have to give the eggs names. Believe Kali and me, the prize for the best name is well worth it. Here are the rules: 1) This contest is open to all residents of Blogville […]

She’s serious about this

There was a new family member today…. Should we run a naming contest when we figure out how many names we’ll need?

She really missed Mothers’ Day

Kali and I have to write this post because Kismet is so full proud of herself. She thinks that she is going to be a mother. Yes, Kismet laid an egg. She thinks it’s going to hatch. Good luck with that, burd brain. You haven’t seen a male parrot since you were separated from your brother as […]

Comment Kali Vous?

That bird has been remiss in posting. This should be all about us dogs. I’ll post and feature Kali. Take that bird brain.

I protest!

Kismet is busy building a nest for spring mating season (good luck with that one, birdbrain) so while she wasn’t looking I had to tell you the injustice that happened today. I had to go to the dogtor for my annual checkup so my peeps could make their annual contribution to the vet’s living large […]

The Reasons

Another day, another envelope and missive from Kyla. OK, let’s see this one. To all- I suppose all of you are wondering about my selection of Kismet. Blogville not only needs a bird blogger, but no pirate story is complete without a parrot. Let’s examine the options: Kaci- She’s a sweetheart The problem is that […]

And the winner is ……

Ok, it’s time to open the envelope. First, I’d like to thank my mother… Kali, be quiet, I’m doing my acceptance speech.  Kaci, you idiot, you haven’t won yet and besides, you’re like me and don’t know who your mother is. I mean I have a better speech prepared. When you hear it, your speech […]

The envelope, please….

Kaci, it’s the day after Christmas….Don’t you think we should open the envelope that Kyla left for us? Let’s destuff it, Kali. Look, what’s inside…smaller envelopes with dates on them. I guess we should open December 26. My dear sisters, I’ve left you envelopes as you can see. Please open them on the dates on […]