A Gentle Reminder

The golden torch cactus in bloom means that it’s time to say “Only six shopping months remain until Christmas”. Spread the word. Beat the rush-start NOW

Polly want a cracker?

SQUAAAAAAAWK! Hey Kismet, stop that incessant SQUAAAAAAAWKing. Why, Kali? You know I just had my teeth cleaned and had four pulled and I’m in pain. Kali, you’re just trying to be a bird with no teeth. Here, I’ll give you lessons. “Polly want a cracker”. Kismet, why do you bring that up?  You need bird […]

I didn’t do “Trick or Treat”

I only did “Treat”. And I got a lot of them-I have “the look” down pat.

I wanna be like Stu!

I grew up following my idol, Stuart of scottiechronicles.com (RIP, Dec 2015). Stuart was a purebred Scottie but wasn’t “show quality” because he had white patches. Ridiculous-he was wonderful and was not only wonderful to his peeps but gave the rest of us many smiles.    IIn this house, we all love Stuart and […]

It’s time to step up again.

When the Mayan calendar was ending a few years ago and the apocalypse was imminent, one savior protected us all Kyla said “to hell with my hair-do” and she put on a tinfoil hat. The world is still here. Unfortunately, Kyla isn’t with us-she forgot to keep wearing the hat. But there’s a new menace […]

I love it when Bloggers get together

Today I got to go on a hike with Tim and Melanie who live about 15 miles (about 25km) away along with Clarence, their dog. Plus, blogging friends from Ranch Run-A-Muck along with some of their 13 rescues. The humans are (these are their names for themselves): “Crabby” and “The Crazy Lady”   Both the Crazy […]