Do you know what day it is?

January 5 is National Bird Day.

Please reblog. Not everyone follows me (that’s NOT smart)!

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Rememberance of things past

Taco Day 2012. The last picture has Kyla and Kenzie enjoying tacos. Kenzie the Westie wasn’t gonna be around much more.

Lost and Found Department

Found: this morning during poopie pickup, a lizard tail in the dog run. To claim it, submit a photo of yourself, a butt shot, to prove ownership.

The dogs are insane

Both Kaci and Kali come up to the peeps and give them licks. They do this on their own. They don’t demand sunflower seeds in return. This is insanity. They could get sunflower seeds in return. And they call ME a bird brain.

You have food and we want it

  N O W!!! S C O R E !!!!!!!!!


Kali-I see one of my feathers by your mouth. Don’t even think about it-remember the story of the goose who laid golden eggs.