Why we didn’t go out of the house yesterday   Don’t worry, we’re soggy but fine.

Living the Life of Kali

It’s better than the Life of Riley

The Latest in Home Security

You need a few of these They are guard tarantulas. I can’t say that they wouldn’t hurt a fly but they wo’nt hurt you. Those who don’t know will RUN.  

We’re movin’ on up

Sometimes your neighborhood improves because you move to a better one like this: and other times you just stay put and the neighborhood improves. How does that happen? : Birds move into itThe next door neighbor buiilt a chicken coop and filled it with chickens! That’s what we needed in this neighborhood- MORE BIRDS!

Spy vs. Spy

We are under constant surveillance. Do you see the spy? He’s just to the right of the ocotillo plant in the shadows with big ears to capture everything. He won’t get away with it-our spies are on to him and are counter-spying on him.


When Zooey of suggested that I post something for NOMS, I immediately thought of sunflower seeds and nomnomnom good. Nope that wasn’t it. Today, August 5, is NOMS day and that stands for Not Of My Species. A day to “celebrate” (or make fun of … or whatever!) a species other than yourself!!! I’m […]

Gone but still remembered fondly

Although she went bridging December 2014, Kyla is still remembered. She would have been 17 yesterday. As Kyla always said, “I’m on the case”.