Social Distancing

Usually we birds build our nests high up so nobody bothers us. But this dove decided to build it in our driveway and on a car. I flew over to see what was happening. She said “not so close, I’m social distancing, please stay six feet or two meters away”. I agreed so I asked […]

Kali Logic

Kali¬† says that everyone should just relax. Just as the chain of stores “Toys R Us” failed, the current crisis, “Vi R Us” will also fail. Just chill. Relax, don’t Ex-Lax.


This blog is closed until tomorrow because of Coronavirus.¬† It’s open again when Kali and Kaci wake up.

Terrier trooper

Today, Kali went to the vet and had seven teeth extracted. She’s not complaining at all and taking like a true trooper. Kali, take from me, you’re just partially toothless. From personal experience being even totally toothless isn’t that bad.   SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK ON!

Good news and bad news.

It’s the same news. Do you see it? It’s a juvenile owl, sleeping in one of our mesquite trees at 2:30 in the afternoon. The good news is that the neighborhood has more birds. The bad news is that we don’t see the parents and there have been cases of owls preying on small dogs. […]

What a gift!

The dogs were given a great gift. A friend of my peeps made a throw blanket with her own paws and gave it to the dogs.   Here is the reverse side.Many thanks to Joyce who did this, Kali loves it! Kaci is unsure-she won’t go near it. Too many black dogs. Hey, Kaci, there […]

Why we didn’t go out of the house yesterday

https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/soggy-weather-has-much-of-arizona-under-flash-flood-watches1   Don’t worry, we’re soggy but fine.

Living the Life of Kali

It’s better than the Life of Riley

The Latest in Home Security

You need a few of these They are guard tarantulas. I can’t say that they wouldn’t hurt a fly but they wo’nt hurt you. Those who don’t know will RUN.  

We’re movin’ on up

Sometimes your neighborhood improves because you move to a better one like this: and other times you just stay put and the neighborhood improves. How does that happen? : Birds move into itThe next door neighbor buiilt a chicken coop and filled it with chickens! That’s what we needed in this neighborhood- MORE BIRDS!