Polly want a cracker?


Hey Kismet, stop that incessant SQUAAAAAAAWKing.

Why, Kali?

You know I just had my teeth cleaned and had four pulled and I’m in pain.

Kali, you’re just trying to be a bird with no teeth. Here, I’ll give you lessons. “Polly want a cracker”.

Kismet, why do you bring that up?  You need bird dentures.

Oh, c’mon, Kali. What’s going to hold them in?

Kismet, you must be kidding. There’s a product for that.





Wise up, peeps

We birds get blamed for a lot. Here’s a local example. We have a lot of oranges on our bush. They’ve been orange for a month.  We’re talking about a couple of hundred of them.

The peeps went out to pick some for themselves. We birds got there first.

The peeps blame woodpeckers who are just trying to make  a living. Nice try, peeps. Next time harvest in February. We birds have a saying,

“The early peep gets the fruit’.


It’s a happy Valentine’s Day!

You know how I’ve been starved for affection and lay unfertilized eggs. My hunt for a mate is over-he got down on his knees and begged me to be his valentine!


How much are those doggies in the window?


My peeps can’t speak English

I know I’m a parrot and supposed to repeat things but I have my intelligence and I won’t repeat stupidity. The peeps were talking about a “Super Moon” and I assumed that they were talking about my tail or Kali’s butt.

Nope, they were talking about something no-so-cute


Happy New Year?????

Kaci and Kali got Frosty Paws to celebrate 2018.

They got Frosty Paws. What did I get? Not even a frozen sunflower seed. I did get an answer to my complaint.

“Cool it, Kistmet”.



Merry Christmas

We got to open presents-finally. Here’s our haul.

Kaci-new toy

Kali-new toy

All of us got something from Sweet William the Scot

It’s a wine stopper. I’ll be 10 in April so I can’t use it for a few years but I certainly can look at it. Thank you, Sugar Billy. Kali thinks it looks like her.

But what about moi. I hate to put this up because somebody might come an rob us and take it for himself. It’s a day’s supply of sunflower seeds!!!! Don’t be jealous.

A Merry Christmas to everyone-even if you don’t celebrate it. Then, at least embrace the “Peace on Earth” and “Good will” parts.