Beat the Heat

Even though it is September, it is still 102F 39C here.  Kaci and Kali love that the wildlife (lizards, mice, snakes, and more) comes to the porch to chill. It’s their summer viewing.


I wanna be like Stu!

I grew up following my idol, Stuart of scottiechronicles.com (RIP, Dec 2015). Stuart was a purebred Scottie but wasn’t “show quality” because he had white patches. Ridiculous-he was wonderful and was not only wonderful to his peeps but gave the rest of us many smiles.


IIn this house, we all love Stuart and want to be like Stu!

Stuart is my inspiration so I’m sprouting white patches on my chest and feet to be like Stu.





We’re being spied on

No, I’m not paranoid and I can prove it. The spy has a great disguise:

But as with a lot of dishonest creatures, it has a weak spot.

It tries to eat the grass. A real rabbit wouldn’t think about it. It is plastic AstroTurf.  Good get up, squirrel. However your lack of brains gives you away.


The Bad, The Good, and The Ugly

The Bad

The peeps volunteered to foster Mugsy (whom they would have renamed Kmugsy with a silent “K”).

But it isn’t gonna happen.

The Good

Kmugsy got adopted to a forever home before the foster process was completed.


The ugly


Cocoa Update

She didn’t last long. Cocoa got her forever home quickly. Our best to her.

Good luck, Cocoa!


Kaci’s doppelganger

The peeps had 2 places to go. The first appointment finished very early and they already built in extra time in between the two in case the first one went longer than expected. So they had time to kill.They did what any of us pet bloggers would do, they went to PetSmart. It wasn’t just any PetSmart, but the one that is a 2 minute walk from PetSmart’s corporate headquarters. This is where they adopted Kali in 2014. Of course, they had to inspect the adoptables. They got a shock.

Here is Kaci who replaced Kenzie in 2012 and was a rescue.

Now look at Cocoa, one of the adoptables

The peeps are going to keep an eye on Cocoa to make certain that she finds a home and if she doesn’t the peeps will make certain that she does.


A better mousetrap

Every morning the peeps and pups take a stroll around the back yard. As the rag-tag crew went by the pepper tree

they noticed something curious.

It was a harmless (to peeps and pups) king snake. Seeing that the pups would get breakfast after returning to the house, it was breakfast time all over.

The snake was polishing off a mouse. You can see the mouse’s hind claws not in the snake already. It didn’t take long to finish the job.

and the mouse was toast (without butter) and was nothing but a memory and a bulge in the snake. After the meal, the snake went up the tree.

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.