Flower friday

Here in the desert, we don’t get many flowers except at the middle of April to the middle of May.

We’ll start off with the KPB (Kenzie Pi$$ing bush) which Kenzie used to fertilize with his wet fertilizer.

Then we have the golden torch cactus which flowers a few times a year

and the huge Argentine Giant (at least the flowers are giant)


Isolympic sunpuddling

We’re joining Bella, Roxy and Dui’s Isolympics. The spirits of Kendra and Daisy moved Kali to expend a lot of energy in sunpuddling.


Good news

Thank goodness, Bernie dropped out of the Presidential race. The last name was giving me nightmares


April Fool!

I got all of you. I jumped the gun. March was my invention to suck you all in. March and the Corona baloney was MY doing Gotcha. After today you can resume your usual behavio(u)r.. Gotcha. Best April Fool’s I ever pulled.



Help, I’m going nuts.


Kaci, I’m going nuts. We’re stuck in this house and the parrot won’t shut up. She keeps repeating everything. Can’t she say something new? Doesn’t she ever have something original to say?


Social Distancing

Usually we birds build our nests high up so nobody bothers us. But this dove decided to build it in our driveway and on a car.

I flew over to see what was happening. She said “not so close, I’m social distancing, please stay six feet or two meters away”. I agreed so I asked questions from the roof of the car. I asked why she picked a car and she said that because it isn’t going anywhere for a while and it is safe. “Good idea”, I told her. “I won’t let anyone disturb you or your young when they’re hatched. The peeps wouldn’t bother you anyway”. She thanked me and said “I’m glad for the new virus-I’m tired of being blamed for the bird flu”. I can only add “Amen, sister-me too”.


Kali Logic

Kali  says that everyone should just relax.

Just as the chain of stores “Toys R Us” failed, the current crisis, “Vi R Us” will also fail. Just chill.

Relax, don’t Ex-Lax.



This blog is closed until tomorrow because of Coronavirus.¬† It’s open again when Kali and Kaci wake up.


Terrier trooper

Today, Kali went to the vet and had seven teeth extracted. She’s not complaining at all and taking like a true trooper. Kali, take from me, you’re just partially toothless. From personal experience being even totally toothless isn’t that bad.




Good news and bad news.

It’s the same news.

Do you see it? It’s a juvenile owl, sleeping in one of our mesquite trees at 2:30 in the afternoon. The good news is that the neighborhood has more birds. The bad news is that we don’t see the parents and there have been cases of owls preying on small dogs. Kaci and Kali are not allowed outside when it’s dark without being on leash. Hey owl, go pick on some squirrels.