Lost and Found Department

Found: this morning during poopie pickup, a lizard tail in the dog run.

To claim it, submit a photo of yourself, a butt shot, to prove ownership.


The dogs are insane

Both Kaci and Kali come up to the peeps and give them licks.

They do this on their own.

They don’t demand sunflower seeds in return.

This is insanity. They could get sunflower seeds in return. And they call ME a bird brain.


You have food and we want it


N O W!!!

S C O R E !!!!!!!!!



Kali-I see one of my feathers by your mouth. Don’t even think about it-remember the story of the goose who laid golden eggs.


Bittersweet 16

Kyla was a rescue and her papers (papeles) from Mexico said her birthday was July 26, 2002.

That was Kyla on her birthday in 2013 at age 11.  She will never be forgotten by those who knew her. Today would have been her 16th birthday and none of us here forgot. Kaci patiently waited

and waited

and finally the birthday celebration began with Frosty Paws for all (but me-go figure).

I’m the one who knew Kyla the longest and all I got was an extra sunflower seed. It wasn’t Kyla’s fault for cheep peeps so

Happy Birthday, Kyla

You still live on in our hearts


It’s started…

We remember Kyla as a youngster.

See how black she was.

This was Kyla a couple of months before she went to the bridge

This is Kali when we first adopted her in 2014

Do you see the color change happening? Here she is now.

I’m glad I’m a long lived parrot.

This makes me think……

Kaci must be ANCIENT!


Let me in!

Said the baby lizard on the screen door.

It’s hot out here.