The peeps got my attention. “Kaci, let’s play Pokémon”!

Play? Did someone mention play? I’m into that and it got my attention.


We hop in the Scottiemobile and head out. We stop and enter through a door.


Uh Oh! This looks suspiciously like the vet’s office.

Up on a table-Oh nooooooo


Then I realized that it wasn’t Pokémon but the dreaded Pokey Man.


sam_2080Big time fraud and false advertising.

As Kismet would say, “SQUAAAAAAAAAWK!”.


How was our Halloween, you ask

It was like this all day. If I had ears, they’d be hurting.


The Chauffeuse

This morning was Kali’s annual shot and test day.  Nothing serious but the trip. Kyla used to love sitting on her throne in the Scottiemobile and surveying her realm. Kali likes the space where peeps put their feet. The trip started with Kali in the passengers foot area


but apparently that wasn’t good enough. She had to come over to the driver’s side and inhabit that space on the driver’s side.  The Scottiemobile has a manual transmission and the feet are used by the driver a lot more than with an automatic. She refused to vacate that spot and we didn’t want to be late for the vet. Eventually, it sorted itself out and everything was fine. Everything was fine at the vet also and Kali got to meet a giant Great Dane which would have scared Kaci to death. She had to be on the driver’s side on the way home but was a good girl and all worked out.



My Stu-shirt and Stu-hoodie arrived yesterday. There are problems-it’s waaaaaay too big and there are no wing holes in the back. Now that I tried to put it on, I can’t seem to get out of it.



Kali, get me out of this mess. SQUAAAAAAWK.



Silent Sunday

Big Nate

Big Nate


Epic Fail

It’s Taco Day 2016.  A look back…

SAM_0108In 2012, it was Kyla and Kenzie.

Copy of kenzie1

Unfortunately Kenzie’s liver gave out and he went to the bridge the next day.

In 2013 it was Kaci and Kyla


In 2014, Kali was with us and despite the fact we knew Kyla didn’t have much time left, it was great with 3 dogs.SAM_1447


In 2015, we had no more Kyla


Now that it is 2016, do you notice something?

There’s no bird in the picture. SQUAAAAAWK! The peeps promised me that this year is my year. OOOOH, Here it comes.


SQUAAAAAWK! Just one????? A tiny  kale leaf with a sunflower seed??? SQUAAAAWK! Where’s the hot sauce????


It’s time to play Angry Birds. SQUAAAAAAAAAWK




Be smart and look smart

Most of you remember Stuart fondly. He went to the bridge last December because of the dreaded “C” (hemangiosarcoma). We’re also losing anipals and peeps too often to cancer. Stu’s peeps are determined to help do something about it. They set up a Stuart Fund which has the sole purpose of helping research about hemangiosarcoma and the elimination of it.  Humans and other anipals (like cats) also get this dreaded thing so just about everyone would benefit from it’s eradication.

The fund is selling shirts to raise money for this and the shirts are very cool. We’ve ordered more shirts than we have peeps in this house. I would have gotten one if they came in parrot sizes. Each shirt shows how smart you are with the Stuart Fund logo on it

stuartsfundYou can get a shirt (or a few) by clicking HERE