The great protectors

Kaci and Kali bark up a storm because they have to protect Steve’s house from Steve who invaded Steve’s property in Steve’s truck.


A challenge

Last week, I showed you some of the desert beauty that comes in the spring. The flowers on the Argentine Giant cactus are gorgeous.

As with all things, the flowers wilted and faded away. That was considered an open invitation by someone.

Do you see it? A rabbit is munching on the dead cactus flowers. OK, bunny, I have a challenge for you. See these?

See those shoots coming off the saguaro cactus? They’ll be flowers in a couple of weeks. My challenge to you is to munch on them when they’re faded. They’re about 7 yards or meters in the air and there are thorns all the way up.

Are you up to it? It’s so easy a bird could do it.


Desert Flower Friday

Now you don’t see it

Now you do

HOLD ON HERE-This blog is supposed to be about ME



Happy Birthday to me!

It was 10 years ago today that I broke out of my shell.

There are rumors about berries for dinner. I never get a cake. SQUAAAAAAWK?

I’m not as old as it sounds. There are no gray feathers (yet).

In peep years, I”m only seven.


Merry Chirstmas

A very merry Christmas to all my blogging friends

April FOOL



Only you can promote forest fires!

Smokey Bear is deaded.


Polly want a cracker?


Hey Kismet, stop that incessant SQUAAAAAAAWKing.

Why, Kali?

You know I just had my teeth cleaned and had four pulled and I’m in pain.

Kali, you’re just trying to be a bird with no teeth. Here, I’ll give you lessons. “Polly want a cracker”.

Kismet, why do you bring that up?  You need bird dentures.

Oh, c’mon, Kali. What’s going to hold them in?

Kismet, you must be kidding. There’s a product for that.