Rub it in, why dontcha?

Well, I did lay my second egg of the season but it won’t hatch either because there’s no male. All the other birds are busy with kids and I don’t have any. Look at this:

Can you see the young roadrunner to the left of the tree? SQUAAAAWK!

I’ve been told that the young roadrunners are the fastest, even faster than their parents because the young ones can’t read yet and that includes the speed limit signs.


While the peeps were away

The Kali will play


Disapproving Bun Day

My friend, Speedy the bunny, has a periodic feature about angry rabbits.  We found one. My peep was doing swimming pool maintenance and noticed waves for no reason. On further review, there was a juvenile bunny in the pool who was struggling to get out and would be a goner without help. There are no pictures of what happened next because there was no time to get a camera. Peep fished bunny out of the pool with a net.

The bunny was waterlogged but otherwise OK and left in a couple of hours on his/her own power.

I think this bunny disapproves of swimming pools.


Help a Mother in Trouble

It’s that time of year again and I laid my first egg. I usually lay 3 in the spring.

The egg will never hatch because it isn’t fertilized. You gotta spring me outta this cage so I can meet a male.  Mother’s Day is coming up so help a mom in need. I promise that I’ll be as good a mother as Joan “Mommy Dearest” Crawford.



Different strokes for different folks

The weather is getting warmer in Arizona.  Different species of wildlife cope in different ways. Here’s a scene from our front window.

You have to look carefully but there’s a lizard on a rock on the left (the tail is really visible) who is sunning him/her self and enjoying the weather. There’s a rabbit on the right who is in the shade and over a wet spot where the drip system emits cool water. It’s doggie TV for Kaci and Kali. As a bonus, there are no ads.


Another sign that we’re in the desert

Meet Josephine (as we call her)-the peeps drive by her to get anywhere:

Isn’t she adorable?

Look at those lips. Aren’t they kissable?


GOTCHA-I’m a bird and don’t know about lips.


Easter in the desert

Happy Easter from Kaci, Kali, the peeps and me with our Easter cactus.