Living the Life of Kali

It’s better than the Life of Riley


The Latest in Home Security

You need a few of these They are guard tarantulas. I can’t say that they wouldn’t hurt a fly but they wo’nt hurt you. Those who don’t know will RUN.



We’re movin’ on up

Sometimes your neighborhood improves because you move to a better one like this:

and other times you just stay put and the neighborhood improves. How does that happen? : Birds move into itThe next door neighbor buiilt a chicken coop and filled it with chickens! That’s what we needed in this neighborhood-



Spy vs. Spy

We are under constant surveillance. Do you see the spy?

He’s just to the right of the ocotillo plant in the shadows with big ears to capture everything. He won’t get away with it-our spies are on to him and are counter-spying on him.



When Zooey of zoolatry.blogspot.com suggested that I post something for NOMS, I immediately thought of sunflower seeds and nomnomnom good. Nope that wasn’t it. Today, August 5, is NOMS day and that stands for Not Of My Species.

A day to “celebrate” (or make fun of … or whatever!)
a species other than yourself!!!
I’m going to ignore the easy stuff. I thought of doing peeps but that’s low hanging fruit. So I put my thinking cap on and got inspiration
What’s the dumbest species of all? I mean dee you emm dumb?
It’s the squirrel. I’ve only met one semi-smart one in my life and he had a moose to do the brain work.
We birds get blamed for stuff squirrels do like poop landing on your head when you walk under a tree. We even get blamed for bombing someone when it was actually a flying squirrel.  Squirrels just take over a tree and don’t share space with birds. When squirrels move in, it’s time for birds to move out because “there goes the neighborhood”.
Isn’t that right, Zooey?

Gone but still remembered fondly

Although she went bridging December 2014, Kyla is still remembered. She would have been 17 yesterday.

As Kyla always said, “I’m on the case”.



See the bird on the very top of the cactus?

My peep thinks it is one of the Thorn Birds from the novel and movie.


My peeps always wanted to meet someone famous. Silly peeps. The Thorn Birds took place in Australia, not Arizona.


Welcome to World Parrot Day.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a parrot, a friend of a parrot, or like parrots. Just look around and report if you see this suspicious person and we’ll escort him OUT

He’ll be lurking and waiting.


Welcome to the rest of you. I’m your host and guide, Kismet.


We parrots come in different sizes and colors.  We’re feisty and plucky-the terriers of the bird world.

Forget about the others, this is MY blog and it is all about MEEEEEEEE. Pull up a perch and have a snack (it’s Miss Dingleberry free).

How did I get here? It started before I was born. Kyla, the rescue Scottie started barking head off one day in 2003. The peep went to investigate.

When outside, nothing was seen but all of a sudden a bird flew on to his shoulder.  Startled, he brushed it away but the bird returned to his shoulder and would not leave

Obviously, it was used to peeps and needed help. He took it inside, gave it some wild bird seed and wondered what to do. All the vets and animal rescues were called and no on knew. Kyla like the bird and when nobody claimed this cockatiel, it was now Kyla’s pet. Kyla followed Boomerang’s (what else could we call a bird who came back) every move. It was the pet of a pet. They got it a fancy cage. Five years later, they came home one day and found Boomer on the cage floor, over the bridge. Kyla was despondent. Another bird was needed and that’s when they were lucky enough to get me.

Here’s my baby pictures

Cute? Huh? Later on:

Still cute but I learned to SQUAAAAAAAAAAWK.


That’s my story. Even if you’re not avian, Happy Parrot Day. Hey, if the Irish can say everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, I can say that you’re all parrots-except for THAT guy.

Have a SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWKing good World Parrot Day!.


SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK-Kaci photobombed my post!


A special thanks to Ann Adamus of Zoolatry for the graphics and publicity. A special SQUAAAAAAWK out to her!









Everyone is invited!

Friday, May 31 is World Parrot Day!!!! We’re holding an open house right here.

Great job by Ann Adamus of zoolatry.blogspot.com with the art work.

You can use this also-Ann does wonderful work.

Of course, we’ll have sunflower seeds for all. Everyone’s invited, well almost everyone. This guy will be refused admittance.


Take this, Kali

Look at the new T-shirt that my peep has.

How did he get this? An anonymous donor gave it to him. There’s a hint, however. It’s Kismet blue.