We haven’t gone away

WordPress decided to go with a new way of posting and we don’t like it. We will try to get used to it. Kaci and Kali are doing well. We have a dove family in the hanging basket on the back porch. They must like it because they’re on their second set if youngsters this year. I’m my usual SQUAAAAAAAWKING self. Love to all,


About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

35 comments on “We haven’t gone away

  1. You’re so right, that block editor is the pits. I still use classic so I don’t hurt anyone. 😉

  2. Took us a while to figure the stupid new post process here too but once you get used to it…..well…….it still stinks! HAHA

    Hugs, Tedd

  3. Hello squaaaaaaawking friend and the two K’s too, you have been missed. Not to worry, wordpress or blogger: both are making nastybad changes, so it doesn’t matter where you do your bloggies, it’s hard to do now! Just keep flyin’ high (and we’re throwing sunflower seeds at you when you visit us) … cause we don’t want you going away all together. (JUNE)

    • I know I’m going to get boo-ed. It took me just a little while to understand and use the block editor, but now I would never go back. Did you know that after you hit enter for a new block, you can hit the forward slash bar / and it will give you a drop down of choices? Also if you just want to move to the next line, but not a new block, pressw and hold shift and press enter.
      OK I’ll shut up and go away now.

  4. Yep Blogger has me down. I’m even blocked from making comments on some blogs as spam. Ruby The Airedale if you read this I’m spam and comments are blocked from me on your blog.

  5. There is a plugin for the classic editor. I like the block editor, but I’m weird. You already knew that Kismet.

    Have a birdtastic weekend. I love you Kismet. ♥

  6. when Dakota passed I stopped blogging on his blog, then…one day I went to WordPress thinking I might post something there, when I saw the changes I said forget it. I have my other blog on Blogger and MUCH prefer Blogger, that being said, I haven’t blogged in a month, why? Because “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” lol.

  7. You old timers are so resistant to changes. 😈

  8. I’m sticking to olde English. Not all change is goode.

  9. I get frustrated with stuff they change that was not broken. If they have new stuff to offer they should allow it to be side by side with the old…now Feedburner is going to be shut off…so we’ll all have to find other ways to get our blogs sent to us to read./comment.
    I haven’t tried the block junk on WP.but there is a set of dots in the top right corner, that when you click it, you can use the various other ways to post. Having said all that, I turn it to html mode/code editor…and when I have finished my blogger blog, I turn it to HTML, copy it and transfer it to the WP blog. Presto! Done! I add the linky tools info after I copy the blog, because it works and uses different codes for each blog style. So now you know the secret! I use WP to facilitate commenting for some peeps who said they couldn’t leave comments on my blogger blog. Sometimes I think of no longer using the WP blog, though…

  10. It has been my experience that Dove’s are not the best home builders – And if they’re on their 2nd round and the nest is still together, it makes me think that maybe they got some lessons from you? 😊

  11. WordPress changed everything and now is very difficult to write and put images and it’s worst. I only use classic editor to modify posts. 😫

  12. Kismet and family!! hope all is well!!

  13. I love you, Kismet, but you already know that. ♥

  14. I agree!! The blocks make things more inconvenient! Tsk!

  15. Mummy say its ok once you get used to it xoxo Little Miss Titch

  16. Hi Kismet! Just wanted to say squaaaaaaake….. Thank you for coming by our bloggy!!

  17. We will do our best to help keep Bird safe while he regrows his or her feathers

  18. Hope you figure it out soon. Stay safe!

  19. Hello Kismet, happy to meet you. I am Juno! My mom knows you well and I wanted to be your friend. 🙂

  20. Dropping by with a wave! *waves*

  21. How are you doing, Kismet? I love you. ♥

  22. Happy Holidays Kismet and family!!

    Juno xo

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