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Wait-Christmas isn’t over

They keep going on as if Christmas is over. I know it isn’t.  “Hey what about that package Mollie sent you”. I know it’s there and it is time for it. Kaci asked me what this was about. I told her that I won a contest over at Doggy’s. Not first prize, but I won […]

Merry Christmas 2012

Hi-Kaci here. I’m posting today and I’ll tell you why. This is Kyla’s 10th Christmas here, but my first Christmas anywhere. I thought Kyla would have been a veteran at this. But, NOOOO-Christmas is Kyla’s holiday (her gotcha day is Dec 21). Kyla was a bit blase about the wrapping and the stuff inside when […]

What’s this?

I look at the garden and there’s this: What’s happened to the cactus? Maybe they’re Chirstmasized? Maybe that’s their tinfoil hats? No, it’s protection from the cold (but it’s 60 today) in the night. These are not native and are more susceptible to a freeze and the cups are supposed to help. Do they? I […]

How I saved the world.

I told you I was on the case. I put my thinking cap on and SHAZZAM-it came to me just in the nick of time. I protected the world by putting on my tinfoil hat!  

I’m on the case

Breaking news-WORLD ENDS, STORY AT ELEVEN Have no fear, I’m on the case.

The definitive word.

It’s turned Dec 21 in some areas of the world. Those who are there (Daisy and Jasper), report no problems. They’re not comprehending the problem. The Mayans made the calendar for THEIR locale which is not the South Pacific. I’m telling you that the event should take place at the winter solstice which is coming […]

We reshuffled

We have two special ornaments on our tree. The first is named Kyla That’s yours truly, of course (maybe after a few too many egg noggs-look at that nose). Then there was one that was renamed: In previous Decembers, this was Kenzie but now it’s Kaci. Before you get upset, I know Kenzie would approve. […]

It’s Harvest Time!

Take a tour with me-our citrus is coming in! The weather is cooler (it won’t go over 55 today-about 12C) and the citrus is starting to turn colo(u)r and ripen. We have oranges They’re just starting to turn orange from green. Lemons and limes Most of the limes are harvested already These are the Mexican […]

My Christmas present to Them

Around here, when Kaci or I have a solid accident, They’ll say to each other “Kaci (or Kyla) left us a present in the living room”. They’ve been telling us (especially Kaci) to leave these presents outside. Now, during the Christmas season, we’re supposed to give Them presents? I’m confused but I’ll go with the […]

I’m a Tartan

You learn something every day. She’s a Golden Bear. He’s a Cardinal. We’re taking a break from the Holidays to talk school mascots. You have the Washington  and Connecticut Huskies, Nevada and North Carolina State Wolfpack and Boston University Terriers (but they’re not a true terrier-Boston Terrier).  For some reason Wofford College in South Carolina […]