It’s a happy Valentine’s Day!

You know how I’ve been starved for affection and lay unfertilized eggs. My hunt for a mate is over-he got down on his knees and begged me to be his valentine!

How much are those doggies in the window?

My peeps can’t speak English

I know I’m a parrot and supposed to repeat things but I have my intelligence and I won’t repeat stupidity. The peeps were talking about a “Super Moon” and I assumed that they were talking about my tail or Kali’s butt. Nope, they were talking about something no-so-cute

Happy New Year?????

Kaci and Kali got Frosty Paws to celebrate 2018. They got Frosty Paws. What did I get? Not even a frozen sunflower seed. I did get an answer to my complaint. “Cool it, Kistmet”. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAWK!

Merry Christmas

We got to open presents-finally. Here’s our haul. Kaci-new toy Kali-new toy All of us got something from Sweet William the Scot It’s a wine stopper. I’ll be 10 in April so I can’t use it for a few years but I certainly can look at it. Thank you, Sugar Billy. Kali thinks it looks […]

The best Advent Calendar-EVER

Look at what the peeps got. It’s an advent calendar where you open up a window every day From December first to Christmas Eve. Behind every window is a half liter can of German beer and they’re all different. Kali is waiting for her share. But there’s a problem. The peep said that there will […]

Holiday card list-please repost

It’s that time of year and the Blogville Holiday list is going live! To get yourself on the list  (and receive the entire list by email) please use the following template: Blog name- Blog url- Email address- Snail mail address- Anipals (name, type) For example: ________________________________________________________ Blog name-Kyla Scott Blog Email Snail mail […]