What’s wrong with old ladies?

Nobody really knows the actual birth dates for Kali and Kaci. Both were listed as “strays” and on the “list” at kill shelters. Kaci’s birthday was listed as February 30. For those of you who are still reading, my 9th birday is April 15 which is “Tax Day” in the US. Just a hint, send […]

The truth is out-Kali is a pervert

Why else would she wear one of my  underfeathers on her nose? She has a fetish.      

Wordless Wednesday

Au revoir

Merry Christmas!

Many of you have seen our Christmas card already but I’m certain that some have not. I don’t have everyone’s email address. It’s been  modified a bit for those who saw it before. Some who received it asked about the Arizona Christmas “trees”. The one with the hats had peep help with the hats. The […]

Christmas Decorations

Everyone else is showing off their holiday decorating skills. Here’s ours   Yup the house is getting painted and the windows are covered with plastic. “Not in the Christmas spirit”, you say, Sweet William? When the peeps get the bill, they’ll be seeing RED and paying a lot of GREEN.

How was our Halloween, you ask

It was like this all day. If I had ears, they’d be hurting.

The Chauffeuse

This morning was Kali’s annual shot and test day.  Nothing serious but the trip. Kyla used to love sitting on her throne in the Scottiemobile and surveying her realm. Kali likes the space where peeps put their feet. The trip started with Kali in the passengers foot area but apparently that wasn’t good enough. She […]