We haven’t gone away

WordPress decided to go with a new way of posting and we don’t like it. We will try to get used to it. Kaci and Kali are doing well. We have a dove family in the hanging basket on the back porch. They must like it because they’re on their second set if youngsters this […]

I don’t understand

Ted Geisel didn’t write anything about ME, the bird with the word, or my buddies, Kaci and Kyla (dogs with this blog) I think I left my personality on Mulberry Street.

Ted Geisel, I saw you on Mulberry Street

I caught you. You have an alias, Dr Seuss and you try to hide. We can find you., Forget the cat in the hat, we have the bird with the word and the dogs with the blogs. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK with the walk.

Truth in Advertising

Remember this series of commercials? It wasn’t lying. They didn’t call it the quickest picker upper. That title goes to Kaci and Kali. Most of the time you don’t have to do anything with the quickest picker upper puppers around. Many times the food didn’t reach the floor.

You deadbeats

It’s 2021 already and you two haven’t paid me yet to be your friend this year. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK Remember, I don’t accept cash or credit cards. Sunflower seeds only.

I won Christmas!

Kali thought that she aced Christmas because she got a new retractable leash. NO WAY, I won. i really won because I got sunflower seeds and she got a restraint on her freedom. That’s what Kali got. You can’t eat that. She got a restraint on her freedom and I got SUNFLOWER SEEDS.

What the SQUAAAAAAAWK? Some peeps????


About 18 years ago the peeps planted a cute little cactus behind the pool. They made sure it was fertilized when it was hungry and watered it when it was thirsty. It grew and is now giving the peeps the bird and I ought to know about birds. That’s gratitude for you.  

Happy Birthday? Kali

Peep here. In January 2014, we got the news that Kyla had melanoma wouldn;t last out the year, We looked for another rescue Scottie, but there weren’t any. On the way home, we stopped at a PetSmart that was in walking distance from PetSmart corporate HQ to see if they had any. We were shown […]

Music Monday

This one is personal since my peep went to school with the artist. At about the 1:10 mark you can see the railroad tracks and train station in the home town.