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Here’s a piece of StuArt that Stuart (RIP Dec 2015) loved because it was of his girl friend, Kyla (RIP Dec 2014). This is the first time I’ve done a blog hop and I hope I’ve got it right. Anything for Stu.

Sugar Billy comes through!

I mentioned to Sweet William the Scot that I still had his 2014 calendar on the wall (and NOT on the bottom of my cage). I had to convert 2014 to 2015. It was easy last year because it was all just a day’s difference. This year would be too much for my bird brain-not only […]

Please update your rosters

Baseball spring training is less than a month away here in Arizona. For you fantasy baseball players out there, please change the pitcher formerly named “Lefty” to “The Big Right Hander”.

It’s a mystery

Look what we found under one of our palo verde trees:   It appears to be the remains of a desert tortoise and it isn’t fresh. Just a couple of weeks before this discovery the peep put down preemergent for weed control and definitely would have seen it if it were there at that time. […]

We just lost a great friend

We got an email from our next door neighbors. They told us that the dog of their lives had to go to the bridge. Lilly wasn’t well lately but she had new meds and was seizure free for over a month. You can tell by the 2012 picture above and the recent one below We […]

I wasn’t shut out!

I was feeling blue (with an orange beak) because this past holiday, the peeps got presents and the dogs got presents. Nothing for the blue bird of paradise. Not only that, look at this pet tree. All about dogs (Kenzie, Kyla, Kaci and Kali) and not a darn thing about this partridge in a pear […]