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Summertime-and the living is queasy.

Invasive Species

Everyone thinks Arizona has palm trees. It does, but they’re not native. The closest we get is a relative that gets no taller than a human. Here’s one that is a “volunteer” and just started growing and we just left it. It’s shown off by that supermodel, Kali. All the palm trees have been brought […]

I didn’t get to go AGAIN

First things first! Please send some POTP to Digger, my doxie cousin, who suffered through emergency surgery yesterday in Oregon.   This is getting to be a habit with Him. Friday was “Take Your Dog to Work Day”. I didn’t get to go where he works on Friday. I didn’t get to go where He […]

Rest assured.

While They are watching silly things like sports, I’m hard at work into the wee hours of the morning for you guys, my friends.

You need to vote

The replies to the last post indicated that Kali needs her own garden flag. There was nobody saying she shouldn’t. Kali has the same problem that most black dogs have. The fur is black, the nose is black and the eyes are black which is not optimal for photographs. Here are our photo candidates for […]

It’s Flag Day!

In the USA, June 14 is Flag Day. It’s not a holiday when everything closes but it’s still Flag Day. Have we got flags for you!   Come on, cheap peeps. Don’t you think Kali deserves a flag?\ Update- These flags came from  I don’t like to endorse products but I’ve been asked where […]

Life’s looking up and good

Besides being (hopefully) cancer-free, I have a new boyfriend. It’s Stuart of The Scottie Chronicles (highly recommended reading). I didn’t feel good about myself or look good for Stu, so I did myself up today at the spa. This trip was delayed by the surgery but I’m looking better now.    

Wishfulthinking Wordless Wednesday

More Green Beans, please

Recent graduates from the USA (University of South Africa), Dr. Samuel, MD and Dr. Wallace, MD got their Post Doctoral degrees in Canine Nutrition earlier this year. They did extensive research into dog health and diet. Here is the quick version of their report-the long version is over 8700 pages long.   Notice that there […]


Update on my health-I’m getting better and no cone (regular or inflatable) needed.   I came across this article and I can’t believe it. and I think it stinks (being a formerly black dog rescue) and Kali agrees (being a black dog rescue). Kaci doesn’t care but I’m mooning the situation.