Happy Hoppy Dance

From “scenes I never thought I’d see”-he’s eating a weed and not the vegetable garden!


About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

37 comments on “Happy Hoppy Dance

  1. Give him time…I’m sure he’ll hit the salad bar in quick time. 😉

  2. Maybe his doctor has him on a “weed-only” regimen? On the other hand, perhaps the weeds are the appetizer and the main course IS the garden!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Well, the peep did a weed spray. It’s a homemade spray that isn’t toxic to animals. The main ingredients are vinegar and salt so the weeds already have dressing. The guy next door uses a commercial spray that contains 2-4-D which is a carcinogen and banned in California for that reason. Terriers are susceptible to cancer and we won’t use that. They guy next door doesn’t have any pets which should tell you something about him.

  3. He’s getting ready for Easter 🙂

  4. I expect he’s waiting for the veggies to grow, xx Speedy

    • We’re getting radishes already. Of course anything we grow has to be in raised pots or he WILL get them. This is the first time a rabbit has been seen helping by eating the weeds.

  5. Maybe it’s because the veggie garden is now growing yet! Just wait! Soon you will be chairing cottontails all day!

  6. Maybe you should get him checked by a Vet. Something’s not right. Now, we think some pups need to chase that rabbit.

  7. Weeds have more antioxidants.
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. You have an organic weed eater!

  9. The weather has been so screwed up that nothing edible is blooming in Florida. My mango trees are without blossoms, as is the avocado.

  10. The alligators are starving. That being said, I feel for farmers who are at the mercy of everything.

  11. I say he’s only cleansing his palate… :-)!

  12. Wascaly wabbit……sufferin succotash

  13. Vegetables? Who wants dem anyways, let da rabbits have em.

  14. my mom agrees with the rabbit for the weed… she is a crazy thing…

  15. He is a keeper!

  16. I think he heard you and he’ll be back for the veggies.

    Have a hoptastic day. ☺

  17. I’ve never gots to chase a wabbit befores!!!! Oh, that would be tons of funs!!! Oh wait…is he out of your yardie?? Yeah, Ma would lets me chase anythings outside a fenced yardie…she said she would never see me agains! BOL!
    Wells, You can squawk at it from your perch, right??! That should keeps him away from the veggies!
    Ruby ♥

    • That was our driveway. Rabbits don’t bother me but they drive the dogs krazy. We’d never see them again if they were let loose. They don’t have sense enough to come home-even for dinner.

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