The Latest in Home Security

You need a few of these They are guard tarantulas. I can’t say that they wouldn’t hurt a fly but they wo’nt hurt you. Those who don’t know will RUN.


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I'm a 13 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

31 comments on “The Latest in Home Security

  1. Mummy likes Spiders though she has to pick them up and pop them outside cause Dad is scared of them,xx Speedy

  2. Our petcretary would be a runner…she has been frightened in her childhood with spders in her bed…about three times. So while she knows they are useful and mostly harmless creatures…(at least where we live)…she is a sufferer of arachnophobia.
    Show her a snake or a mouse and she will not scream at all:)

  3. we think we had one today in the morning… at least the mama ran away and screamed like an air raid siren… ( 3 ft. spider according to her)

  4. we think we had one today in the morning… at least the mama ran away and screamed like an air raid siren… ( 3 ft. spider according to her)

  5. Yikes…….I actually think I’d prefer hiring a guard Doberman to hiring a couple (or even one) tarantulas.

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Do they eat Mosquitoes because we are being eaten alive here. I’ll order one send it by Amazon.

  7. I have electronic home security and I think I’ll stay with that. Those buggers are huge and scary. I’d run.

    Have a fabulous Labor Day. ♥

  8. Kismet! My mom is just disappeared!! bol

  9. Yikes!!! We have giant wolf spiders, but nothing like this. Mom says no thank you. Happy Labor Day to all.

  10. The human would bottle it up and ship it back to the Amazon (key word “the”). Dougie Dog on the other hand would eat it, he like a fair amount of protein daily.
    Oops, just remembered “the” Amazon is (sadly) on fire … let’s ask google for another jungle home for Mr. T.

  11. My daughter used to raise them as pets when she was in high school and we lived in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. They’re so fascinating and I watched them for hours especially at night.

  12. We have a few spiders up near the ceiling. As long as they stay there and catch flies, they are welcome. But none of them are as dramatic as a tarantula….

  13. Spider Bro! These guys are great, unlike those brown recluse, funnel and black widow ones. This year the mass tarantula migration n SE Colorado is expected on September 10th. Some of these guys live up to 25 years so maybe your friend was just on his/her way up to La Junta CO, center of the annual migration!

  14. I’m afraid I’d have to move….far far away.

  15. OMG. I had one that big over 20 years ago in my old apartment. Ready for this? I was sooo afraid to kill it that I called the Police and asked them to kill it. Obviously they wouldn’t! I threw a dictionary on it!

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