Help a Mother in Trouble

It’s that time of year again and I laid my first egg. I usually lay 3 in the spring.

The egg will never hatch because it isn’t fertilized. You gotta spring me outta this cage so I can meet a male.  Mother’s Day is coming up so help a mom in need. I promise that I’ll be as good a mother as Joan “Mommy Dearest” Crawford.


About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

35 comments on “Help a Mother in Trouble

  1. Oh Kissie, wondering if you really know what kind of a mother that Joan Crawford – on and off screen- really was?

  2. Mommy Dearest? Yikes, that’s one bad mother.

    Have a birdtastic day, Kismet. My best to your wonderful mom. 🙂

  3. you hussy! Welcome to my world lol

  4. Kismet Dearest, we’ll have to get that Cocky’s number for you!

  5. Try a little Tinder-ness to find the perfect man-bird!

  6. Kids they only fly the coop anyway and if they don’t you are stuck with them for the rest of your life ~ be free as a bird Kismet ~ oh you are a bird forgot for a moment.
    Sugar Billy

    • You might be right. All my mom and dad did was complain about the kids. Then they said they wished they never had any. They wanted me to know because they looked me right in the eye when they said it.

  7. You could always sell them to the Easter Bunny for next year. You could make some serious cash on the black market. Phoney on the whole mating thing. Too much trouble!

  8. Oh gurl, we do needs to gets you hooked up! I don’t knows any single male burdies….I would suggest my Budgies, butts they REALLY likes each other, so I’m pretty sure that’s out ☺. have you tried Tinder???? I heard that Male Rhino is on there!!!
    Ruby ♥

    • I wouldn’t want to split up the Budgies. It sounds like you have experience in these things. Instead of me trying to break out of the cage, we can fool them by sneaking a male into it?

  9. I only know a rooster… but I don’t think he is the perfect match for a hatch, right?

  10. OMB that came around quick…..may be I can spring you through the magic closet?xx Speedy

  11. Gosh Kismet…….wish I could help out but the only bird that hangs out in my yard is a hawk and something tells me that kind of “mate” would be tough to handle!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. Word to the wise, males and kidlets, could both be classified as over-rated. 😉

  13. It might help to set the bar higher.

  14. Yeah, well, OK…over easy please.

  15. Glad to see that things are all on track with you Kismet. We know of an African Grey parrot who is looking for a companion…you interested? We’re just warning you, his name is Grumpy.
    Wally & Sammy

  16. No more eggs Kismet? Guess we are not getting an omelet this year!
    Sugar Billy

  17. I googled handsome bird, and this is the first picture I saw 😉 – https://goo.gl/images/xIbfRm

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