Welcome to World Parrot Day.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a parrot, a friend of a parrot, or like parrots. Just look around and report if you see this suspicious person and we’ll escort him OUT

He’ll be lurking and waiting.


Welcome to the rest of you. I’m your host and guide, Kismet.


We parrots come in different sizes and colors.  We’re feisty and plucky-the terriers of the bird world.

Forget about the others, this is MY blog and it is all about MEEEEEEEE. Pull up a perch and have a snack (it’s Miss Dingleberry free).

How did I get here? It started before I was born. Kyla, the rescue Scottie started barking head off one day in 2003. The peep went to investigate.

When outside, nothing was seen but all of a sudden a bird flew on to his shoulder.  Startled, he brushed it away but the bird returned to his shoulder and would not leave

Obviously, it was used to peeps and needed help. He took it inside, gave it some wild bird seed and wondered what to do. All the vets and animal rescues were called and no on knew. Kyla like the bird and when nobody claimed this cockatiel, it was now Kyla’s pet. Kyla followed Boomerang’s (what else could we call a bird who came back) every move. It was the pet of a pet. They got it a fancy cage. Five years later, they came home one day and found Boomer on the cage floor, over the bridge. Kyla was despondent. Another bird was needed and that’s when they were lucky enough to get me.

Here’s my baby pictures

Cute? Huh? Later on:

Still cute but I learned to SQUAAAAAAAAAAWK.


That’s my story. Even if you’re not avian, Happy Parrot Day. Hey, if the Irish can say everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, I can say that you’re all parrots-except for THAT guy.

Have a SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWKing good World Parrot Day!.


SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK-Kaci photobombed my post!


A special thanks to Ann Adamus of Zoolatry for the graphics and publicity. A special SQUAAAAAAWK out to her!








About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

50 comments on “Welcome to World Parrot Day.

  1. Happy Parrots day to you and to all your wonderful friends… and we love your baby photos …. the mama is a giant parrot fan and she would love to live with one…

  2. Happy World Parrot Day! Your baby pic sure is cute. Woof woof.

  3. Happy World Parrot Day to the only parrot we know. Even Miss Dingleberry likes you although you aren’t crazy about her OR her food choices! Thanks for making us smile every week in class – your squaaaaaawks are music to our ears (well……sort of). Enjoy your most special day.

    Squaaaaaawkmeow, Teddy

  4. Happy World Parrot Day, Miss Kissie. We’ll bring our our treats to the party, uh, so, uh, you can have all the seed, yeah, that’s it. (holds up paw) Live long and prosper. Oh, and our wish for you is that your Mommy finds you a boyfriend. 🙂 Lucy and Xena

  5. Happy World Parrot Day, Kismet! Such a beautiful color are you. Your baby picture (egg) is very cute. Sad about Boomer but at least he (I’m guessing) had a good five years. I always see that Mrs. D offers seeds for Kismet and now I’ve met you. Enjoy your special day! I was hoping I could put a small picture here of Bud Bird and the tiels Toby and AnnieAndy but it might be beyond my skilllz… 🙂

  6. Birds of a feather flock together!
    Sugar Billy

  7. I finally know the history of how you came to live with your peeps. Way cool.

    Happy World Parrot Day, Kismet. My best to your peeps. ♥

  8. Well, well … WPD Day is finally here! YAY! for you, SQUAAAWK says Dougie Dog, SQUAAAWK says Zoey! Comment #1 … whereas most humans always (lie) and say baby pictures are cute when they really look like squishy alien monsters… HONEST, we no lie: YOU WERE A CUTE BABY, FOR REAL! And your alter ego (that plasticky thingy is kinda cute, too! Does it squaawk or squeeewk? I, Dougie Dog will eat any seeds fallen to the floor, I, Zoey WILL NOT! We’re throwing some squaawks sykward to your
    sweet predessecor (sp?) the lovely Boomerange … and to you KISMET … Happy Parrot Day to the Number One, Very Best, Most Beautiful Parrot we know! Ever! Ever!

  9. Happy World Parrot Day!
    A day just for you and all your parrotian (Is that even a word??), friends!
    Benji will celebrate with you by eating more bird seeds…a big hobby of his…and then Dalton follows suit, LOL!
    I, Pipo watch all the birds at our feeders from my own purrsonal viewing perch.

    We sent you an email with a picture to commemorate yourself on this day.

  10. Happy Happy World Parrot Day!!! Hope you are having lots of fun!

  11. That is some story – worthy of a Disney movie we think…….starring YOU!
    We love you and hope everyone boycotts THAT MANs establishment at least for today. SQUAWWWWWKKKK!

  12. Happy Parrot Day…WORLD Parrot Day, that is. We have flocks of cockatiels like Boomer a bit further west of us. We think you’re beautiful, Kismet. Keep squawkin’.

  13. It’s nice to meet you Kismet! My Florida associate Miss Charlee has two parrots who share her home: and Indian ringneck named Frankie, and a cockatiel named Grover. Happy Parrot day to you!

  14. I almost got eaten by Kaci and Kali today!..Dad peep was changing my water and I got our of cage. I fluttered into bedroom as Ma yelled at Kaci to STOP. Luckily Kali the hunter was in her dog run. I was saved by my peep just before Kaci got to me…..


  15. Happy Belated World Parrot Day, Kismet!!!

  16. Happy Happy belated World Parrot Day, Kismit! Pawty is not over yet, is it?

    Whoa….. what stories about Boomer and yourself!

    My human grandpawrents are bird people. It all started when their Dorbermann girl Peru found a baby bird who fell from the nest. They took her home and she was with them over 20 years.

    Pinot xo

  17. I hope you had a fine World Parrot Day and did whatever it is you should do on that special day. It was probably something that involved margaritas. At least, I hope so.

  18. We hope you had a terrific Parrot Day. I’ll confess I did have a margarita, for medicinal purposes and always without the silly song. 🍹

  19. Just love love love your baby photo – what a cutie !!!

  20. […] With apologies to Kismet, we forgot to post this last week […]

  21. Happy VERY Belated Parrot Day! I hope you can see the whole gallery:

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